Teach Chemistry

We want to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 to engage you鸿运福彩app下载安装r students with chemistry, to inspire them to continue their chemistry studies and to show them the importance of chemistry in our society.

And, we know that teachers who work in an environment that is supportive of their development and wellbeing are likely to be more motivated and engaging in the classroom.

That’s why we want to support you鸿运福彩app下载安装 in both the classroom and the staffroom.

What is Teach Chemistry?

Teach Chemistry (formerly Learn Chemistry Partnership) provides support including events, resources and discounts for teachers and technicians in secondary schools, colleges and teacher training institutions in the UK and Ireland.

Teach Chemistry aims to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 deliver inspirational chemistry teaching inside you鸿运福彩app下载安装r classroom, and create a supportive and effective department at you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school. Our support focuses on eight themes of good practice, four within the classroom and four within you鸿运福彩app下载安装r department.

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Delivering high quality chemistry education in the classroom

We want to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 to:

  • feel confident in the classroom;
  • feel confident providing relevant practicals;
  • make chemistry relevant to you鸿运福彩app下载安装r students; and
  • give all of you鸿运福彩app下载安装r students equal opportunities to learn.

Our free support for you鸿运福彩app下载安装 in the classroom is structured around these four themes. Teach Chemistry membership includes access to our curriculum explorer, to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 find relevant resources for you鸿运福彩app下载安装r course; online quizzes to bridge the knowledge gap and develop you鸿运福彩app下载安装r students practical skills; termly regional newsletters to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 hear about enrichment opportunities; local events organised by our education coordinators; and much more.

Fostering a supportive, effective department

We want to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 to:

  • create a culture of open communication and collaboration;
  • promote staff wellbeing;
  • ensure all staff have access to development opportunities; and
  • build links within and beyond the school.

To enable you鸿运福彩app下载安装 to do this we have a wide range of support available to Teach Chemistry schools. Our support for departments includes a school page to help you鸿运福彩app下载安装 easily share bookmarked resources with you鸿运福彩app下载安装r colleagues; complimentary Royal Society of Chemistry membership for one member of staff to provide access to member only wellbeing events and career advice; 50% off our professional development courses; and the chance to apply for up to lb700 (EUR750) to organise you鸿运福彩app下载安装r own event for local teachers or technicians.

Who can sign up?

Anyone who works at a secondary school, college or teacher training institution in the UK and Ireland can sign up to Teach Chemistry. There's no limit to the number of people from the same place who can sign up, so if you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school is already registered then you鸿运福彩app下载安装 can also register to join you鸿运福彩app下载安装r colleagues on their Teach Chemistry account.

How do I sign up?

Registering is quick and easy, you鸿运福彩app下载安装’ll just need to provide us with a few details about you鸿运福彩app下载安装 and you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school. We'll then check these details, and send you鸿运福彩app下载安装 a message as soon as you鸿运福彩app下载安装r account is validated for Teach Chemistry. While you鸿运福彩app下载安装're waiting, you鸿运福彩app下载安装'll be able to use resources and read articles from Education in Chemistry. Once you鸿运福彩app下载安装r account is validated for Teach Chemistry, you鸿运福彩app下载安装’ll have access to all the free support we offer.

If you鸿运福彩app下载安装’re the first person at you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school to register you鸿运福彩app下载安装’ll become you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school’s lead contact. The lead contact at you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school can manage who else has access to you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school’s Teach Chemistry account. They can use Teach Chemistry to share resources and ideas within you鸿运福彩app下载安装r whole department, adding new colleagues to you鸿运福彩app下载安装r account as they join and removing old colleagues as they leave.

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How much does Teach Chemistry cost?

There's no charge for Teach Chemistry membership for you鸿运福彩app下载安装r school or college.

Teach Chemistry

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